Cooking with Steam
Steaming is one of the healthiest ways to cook.
Steaming lets food cook naturally in its own juices, locking in flavour and preserving the texture.
Cooking with steam
Healthy Choice® Gourmet SteamersTM feature an innovative packaging design that allows the complete meal to be steamed in the microwave, without using a stove-top steamer.
The steaming magic happens with our innovative SteamCookerTM. It consists of a Steamer Tray filled with meat, vegetables and pasta, potatoes or rice and rests right above the sauce bowl.
The sauce bowl is where you can find the delicious sauce. Once you pop your Gourmet SteamerTM into the microwave, it creates steam from the sauce which helps cook your meal.
After cooking just combine the ingredients. The sauce bowl can double as a convenient serving bowl (or place it on a dish if you’re feeling fancy); add as much or as little sauce as you want and enjoy!
The patented
DuoTray SteamCooker™